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Volt Electrics

Powering Your Ride

Hi, we're Volt Electrics.

Our Services


Ready To Ride E-Bikes

We offer ready-to-ride E-Bikes to get you moving as fast as possible! This includes a 300w mid-drive motor, and an 11Ah battery.


E-Bike Conversions

We can also convert your existing bike into an E-Bike. Simply bring it in to us, and we'll fit our 300w mid-drive motor and 11Ah battery.


Accessories & Custom

We also offer various accessories to suit your E-Bikes. These range from custom made batteries to higher output motors.


Improve your health by getting outside and riding an E-Bike! Your health benefits, the environment benefits, and you cut your time spent waiting in traffic!


Do your part for the planet and invest in an E-Bike. No more smelly carbon fumes filling our atmosphere, only the sound of the fresh air rushing past your face.

Save Money

Save yourself endless amounts of money spent on gas and maintanence. Your E-Bike only needs to be charged and rarely needs maintanence. Now that's smart.

$ 1799.99

300w 11Ah E-Bike

Our ready-to-ride E-Bikes come with our standard motor and battery fitted onto a Scott Aspect 970.

$ 1099.99

E-Bike Conversion

Our standard E-Bike conversion includes a 300w mid-drive motor and an 11Ah battery.

$ 299.99

11Ah Bottle Battery

Our 11Ah bottle battery made using quality recycled cells. Want more than 11Ah? Contact us to discuss your needs.

Customer Reviews

Check out what some of our customers have to say!

The bike has been amazing and performs so well, I literally love it 😊

The Scott Aspect 970 has exceeded my expectations. You can't beat it for the price.

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