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After just a battery? We've got you covered.


36v 11Ah Battery

Recycled Lithium Ion Cells.

The perfect battery to suit your E-Bike for a great price!

Our 11Ah E-Bike batteries are the perfect low cost battery. 
All batteries are handmade using recycled lithium ion cells and 
go through a strict testing process to ensure they are suitable
for use, before being packed into a sleek, lockable case.

You can expect to get a 50km range from this battery (measured
our standard bike and 300w motor - this is dependent on your bike.)


Custom Batteries

Bigger Capacity

Want a larger battery to suit a different motor or project? We've got you covered. Send us a message on Facebook or email us via our contact page with your request and we'll see what we can do.


Our batteries also come lockable with a set of keys included with the bike. Simply unlock the battery and remove it. When you're ready, slide it back on and lock it.


Price: $299.99
                     As our shop is currently being redesigned, please contact us if you would
like to place an order and payment can be arranged via direct credit.

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