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Check out our standard ready-to-ride E-Bike!


Scott Aspect 970

300w Mid-Drive & 11Ah Battery

The perfect bike to conquer any hill.

Our electric SCOTT Aspect 970 is our standard ready-to-ride E-Bike. It is designed to be attractive, efficient and to get you up those steep hills without breaking a sweat. Featuring disc brakes and Syncros components, this is the perfect bike for the daily commuter, or avid mountain biker. Available in 29" and 27.5" wheel size.


Our Motor


Our motors are 300W, the legal on-road limit here in New Zealand. This allows for quick acceleration and pain free hill climbs. Even though your motor is 300W, you can simply set the assist level to let you do more or less work.

Throttle & Assist

Our E-Bikes come with two power options. You can use soely the throttle and operate the bike similar to a motorcycle. Or you can use pedal assist, to assist you give you a powered assist while you pedal. Need a quick break? Let the throttle take over!


Our 11Ah Battery


All of our batteries come removeable, making security and charging more convenient. Simply remove the battery by sliding up and take it inside to charge!


Our batteries also come lockable with a set of keys included with the bike. Simply unlock the battery and remove it. When you're ready, slide it back on and lock it.


Our Display


Our monitors display your current speed, an odometer, a trip meter, your assist level, and the time. A backlit option allows for night riding, and walk assist helps to quickly shift the bike.


Our displays are able to be customised to your preferences. Simply enter the settings menu which allows you to limit speed, assist levels and various other options.

The Scott Aspect 970 is the base model for our E-Bikes. If you would like to purchase this specific model, please order using the cart.  

If you would like a different model (such as a road bike, city bike etc.), we can also provide any bike from the Avanti Plus store fitted with our 300w motor and 11Ah battery. Please message us on Facebook or send us an email from our contact page to inquire. 

Specifications for all of our E-Bikes:

-300w Mid-Drive Motor - 40km/h Top Speed 
-36v 11Ah Lithium Battery - Removable, lockable and charges just like your laptop. - 50km Range 
-LCD Display - Displays speed, assist level, time, trip meter etc.
-Pedal Assist - Kicks in when you start peddling, makes pedaling easier and hill climbs faster! 
-Thumb Throttle - Allows you to ride the E-Bike as if it were a motorbike, no pedaling required! 

If you would like a larger battery or motor, these can be arranged. Please contact us for more information. 

Price: $1799.99
As our shop is currently being redesigned, please contact us if you would
like to place an order and payment can be arranged via direct credit.


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